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Zapata Fall trail

Zapata Falls trail

My Adventures. com – Discover Zapata Falls, An Easy Hike for the Whole Family

Ezine Articles –Is Coral Castle a Link to Ancient Egyptian Pyramids?

Ezine Articles –Why Do We Call It “New Age” When it is Mostly “Old” Information?

Ezine Articles – Do You Breathe With Your Left or Right Brain?

Four Corners Geo Tourism Map Guide – Zapata Falls Recreation Area
Four Corners Geo Tourism Map Guide- Trash Trackers Clean up Lake Powell

Four Cornering – RV Parks and More in Pinetop, Arizona

Joyful Journey Hot Springs/Toddy for Body

Joyful Journey Hot Springs/Toddy for Body

San Luis Valley Small Business Expo -Second Annual Business Expo Coming to the San Luis Valley

The Healing Channel –“Toddy for the Body”

The Healing Channel –Extend Your Life With Green Tea Extracts
The Healing Channel –Build Self Esteem and Muscles through Trail Restoration

The Healing Channel- Backyard Composting Made Easy

The Healing Channel –Wheatgrass, The Ultimate Live Food

The Healing Channel- Seven Tips for Healthy Gums and Teeth

Spider Woman/Canyon de Chelly

Spider Woman/Canyon de Chelly

The Healing Channel – New to Alamosa- Smoothie’s Juice Bar

Travel Thru History – Tours and Lore of the American Southwest

Tripoto – Connect with the Natural World in Southern Arizona

Vitalmax Vitamins Revitalize the Body Through Vitamax Vitamins Newest Natural Discovery, Vitagreens

Apache County Observer– Clips available upon request

AZ Tourist News – Clips available upon request

Sedona Journal – Clips available upon request

Unity Church of the White Mountains– Newsletter clips available upon request

White Mountain Independent News – Clips available upon request



American West-Four Corners

American West-Four Corners

Four Cornering – Jaunts Around Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah

The Healing Channel – Exploring Spa Health and Our Natural Well Being

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Freshness in a glass-Oprah

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