Automatic Writing Helps Those in Need

Her hand and pen are Ursula Armijo-Knobel’s tools for the spiritual helpers from the
other side. “That is how I answer all kinds of questions” says automatic writing
medium from Zug.

Ursula Armijo Knobel

Ursula Armijo Knobel

When asked questions, without thinking, Ursula Armijo-Knobel, who speaks four foreign languages, writes the answers automatically in a psychic way.

During her first marriage, while living in the US State of Colorado, Ursula Armijo-Knobel (64), learned the automatic writing from well known psychic Betty Johnson, also an automatic writing medium. “This woman mentioned things in her first reading she did for me which
happened 20 years later”, says the ex-bookseller. Besides “Soul Writing” (automatic writing)
she has been interested in many other psychic phenomenons for years.

An automatic writing medium taps into the soul
“It has been researched, that legendary abbess Hildegard von Bingen who lived in Medieval
times, received her great knowledge through automatic writing”, explains the ex-project
manager who lives in Zug and is being helped by her spiritual guides from the spheres of
light on the other side. “When a soul is between two earth lives, the soul stores the past and
plans the future. Helpers have access to this level and can retrieve answers from the super-consciousness of the person asking questions”, she explains about her psychic work.

Armijo-Knobel ( has many clients with business related and personal
questions. Through her hand the answers flow automatically.  Among them: How elections
would turn out, where to find a will, to resolve the reason why two toddlers were screaming
every night (having to do with unhappy souls marching through their bedroom). The psychic
cautions: “It is extremely difficult to find missing pets or misplaced items”.

By Rene Tischler for GluecksPost No. 35, August 27,2015


Ursula is a client of mine and I personally had a session with her. I was amazed at the speed at which she answered my questions!  I found some comfort and an ability to move forward with my plans after our meeting.

Ursula is currently living in Switzerland but but can also be contacted through her other website, Automatic Writing International . 

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