Five Tips to Help Your Spa Guests Feel Appreciated

Screen shot 2015-06-03 at 11.07.17 PMIn the hospitality/resort business, more customers means more revenue for you.  Imagine your guest has just left your establishment with a smile on their face. They know you gave that extra special attention to detail and therefore they are feeling happy and satisfied.   They loved your sensitivity to their endless questions and responded accordingly.  You loved sharing with them information about the area, the best places to visit, what was going on right now in your city as well as offering how they can be in charge of their health.    You worked hard for them because you believe whole-heartedly in the holistic health movement. Besides,  it is always a win-win situation when you inspire others how to become healthier through alternative health methods.  Even while they are visiting you, there is improvement in the way they walk and act from the first day of their arrival.  This improvement naturally leads your client into wanting to tell others once they leave.  Therefore, I suggest the following suggestions to grow your business into a more rewarding venture for you and your clients.

1.  Don’t let more than a week pass by without dropping in the mail a regular size postcard, stamped and ready to be mailed out with a short followup or questionnaire written on it. This is the perfect time to ask for feedback since their trip is still fresh on their mind.  Repeat business is essential for staying in business, so personalize your correspondence.   Postcards or even a short email saves money because it is less expensive to charm your past guests than to convince a new one. In return for taking time out of their busy schedule you could offer a free item/service or discount toward an item/service on their next visit.  And don’t forget to ask for referrals with this correspondence.

2.  Everyone loves freebies, so why not make it easier for your returning clients by offering a half off discount for every referral they bring in?  People love to talk about a business that is treating them right and if you continually acknowledge them, they will continually mention your business to family, friends, coworkers, etc. Perhaps, twice a year send out to your frequent clients a half-off coupon as a reminder that they are special and you appreciate their business.

3.   Offer drawings to win new pieces of equipment/clothing, a free massage or even a discounted stay at your establishment. The point of this correspondence is to stay in the fore front of their mind.  You can mail out a postcard or even email this information. Perhaps do something of this nature every 6 months, but stagger the time frame.

4.  Gift certificates or 20 to 50% off coupons are perfect for birthdays, Christmas gifts, or other special occasions for your guests to share your business. This information can also be sent out on postcards or email to let your clients know they are available for purchase.

5.  And let’s not forget package deals.  These always bring friends and family closer together.  Plus it gives everyone something to talk about, especially on the way to your resort.  A two for one special will definitely get their attention and only sweetens the pie.

Enjoy and be grateful for your clients and in turn they will appreciate and respect you. Furthermore, never be reluctant to ask returning clients for help.  And always, always give returning guests at least a 10% discount.  This builds trust and a continuity that keeps on growing.   If they are enjoying your resort and all its amenities, they will come back often and you will more than likely become friends.  And isn’t that what life is all about, having fun with great friends?

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