Introducing Gosar Ranch Natural Foods

Healthy European Style Sausage and Fresh Milled Flour to Order

Gosar Natural Foods has now been in the family for 6 generations. Grandpa Frank originally brought this sausage making craft from southern Austria in 1900 and finally settled in Southern Colorado.  Today this business is in the capable hands of the current heirs and operators, Kris and Klay.  Kris manages Mountain Mama Flour and Klay, manages the Gosar sausage.  Both products are fresh with no additives of any kind.

Both men love the idea of offering fresh, healthy products to the public.  Since both were born and raised in this business, their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, has helped them grow and produce a quality product.  Especially when trying to stay in competition with other manufactures of similar products.  They have been expanding into the front range but sometimes dealing with corporate companies such as Whole Foods has been a little challenging.  However, they are finding the best approach to get the word out is to offer demos, catering, donating to community events and other fundraisers.

Even though they have been in business for 6 generations, they are still considered a small business and the Small Business Development Center(SBDC) has proved invaluable in helping them get their paperwork in order through Quickbooks training as well as attending the Leading Edge Course.  Furthermore, several counselors have offered guidance and support in moving forward.

Currently, there are 8 varieties of Gosar sausage.  Bavarian, Italian and Hot Italian are available in pork or chicken.  Breakfast, Tequila Chorizo and Andouille are available in pork. Chili ‘n Chive and Mandarin Orange-Ginger are available in chicken only. Bavarian is their best seller, even though Chili ‘n Chive is extremely popular.

These sausages are all-natural, hand-made with no preservatives, no nitrites, no fillers, and no MSG.  Only daily USDA-inspected and trimmed pork shoulders mixed with real spices and wine are used.  The pork sausage is 85% lean and lower in salt, fat, and water than any comparable product out there today.  They never use trim pieces, fat-soaking fillers, artificial flavoring extracts or any other money saving shortcuts in the sausage.  The chicken is also made from USDA inspected boneless, skinless thigh meat and is 90-92% lean.

Mountain Mama bread flour is made from superior tasting hard red spring wheat with a protein content of 13-15%.  Their pastry flour is 100% soft white spring wheat, is not blended with soft red wheat and has a protein content of 10-12%.  The wheat is grown at an elevation of 7,600 feet in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado.  Since whole wheat is a perishable product, no wheat is milled until an order is received.  This guarantees the freshness of each flour order.  They also offer cracked wheat, sifted flour and bran upon request.

To get your request in today for some tasty sausage and quality fresh milled flour, you can reach Kris or Klay on 719-852-2133 or  Or you can find both of these products at the Valley Food Coop in Alamosa.

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