5 E-mail Subject Lines That Increase Open Rates

by Bob Bly 1–Benefits; e.g., “Top 10 lazy skillet meals.” 2–Questions; e.g., “Do you think you can retire at 65? Think again!” 3–Testimonials; e.g., “More Alaskans drive on Michelins.” 4–How-to; e.g., “How to make a fortune with a foolish idea.” 5–Curiosity; e.g., “Discover the ultimate options trading system.” Source: Mequoda Advice, 7/10/15. This article appears courtesy […]

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Not Blogging Yet? Here are 6 Reasons to Start

A business blog is central to a successful inbound marketing strategy that will help you get found and generate more inbound leads online.  Why? Here are 6 reasons your business needs to blog: 

1. Build thought leadership by showing your expertise-  Become a go-to resource for prospects and media. 

2. Get SEO value for each […]

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Five Tips to Help Your Spa Guests Feel Appreciated

In the hospitality/resort business, more customers means more revenue for you.  Imagine your guest has just left your establishment with a smile on their face. They know you gave that extra special attention to detail and therefore they are feeling happy and satisfied.   They loved your sensitivity to their endless questions and responded accordingly.  You […]

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Do You Have a Business Plan?

A business plan is essential if one of your goals is to approach potential investors to get your dream off the ground.  Even if you are planning to fund the whole project yourself, a well written business plan will make all the difference between winning and failing.  If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by […]

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Introducing Gosar Ranch Natural Foods

Healthy European Style Sausage and Fresh Milled Flour to Order Gosar Natural Foods has now been in the family for 6 generations. Grandpa Frank originally brought this sausage making craft from southern Austria in 1900 and finally settled in Southern Colorado.  Today this business is in the capable hands of the current heirs and operators, […]

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