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Zapata Fall trail

Zapata Falls trail

My Adventures. com – Discover Zapata Falls, An Easy Hike for the Whole Family

Ezine Articles –Is Coral Castle a Link to Ancient Egyptian Pyramids?

Ezine Articles –Why Do We Call It “New Age” When it is Mostly “Old” Information?

Ezine Articles – Do You Breathe With Your Left or Right Brain?

Four Corners Geo Tourism Map Guide- Trash Trackers Clean up Lake Powell

Four Cornering – RV Parks and More in Pinetop, Arizona

San Luis Valley Small Business Expo -Second Annual Business Expo Coming to the San Luis Valley

Spider Woman/Canyon de Chelly

Spider Woman/Canyon de Chelly

Travel Thru History – Tours and Lore of the American Southwest

Tripoto – Connect with the Natural World in Southern Arizona

Vitalmax Vitamins Revitalize the Body Through Vitamax Vitamins Newest Natural Discovery, Vitagreens

Apache County Observer– Clips available upon request

AZ Tourist News – Clips available upon request

Sedona Journal – Clips available upon request

Unity Church of the White Mountains– Newsletter clips available upon request

White Mountain Independent News – Clips available upon request



Four Cornering – Jaunts Around Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah

For Our Furry Friends – All About Animals and Their Care

The Healing Channel- Sensible and Sustainable Strategies To Enhance Your Mind, Body and Soul


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Freshness in a glass-Oprah

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